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Center for Animal Law Studies

International Wildlife Law Clinic

CALS Launches International Wildlife Clinic

The Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) and the Environmental Law Program launched the International Wildlife Law Clinic in the spring of 2020 to provide a forum for CALS’ Animal Law LLM students to study international wildlife law in a clinic setting with the goal of advancing the protection of wildlife across the globe.

The International Wildlife Law Clinic (Clinic) provides is an innovative learning opportunity for students and advances animal and environmental protection by marrying the cutting-edge expertise of CALS in the field of animal law with the consistently ranked number one in the nation Environmental Law Program (by U.S. News and World Report). The Clinic also comes at a critical time, as CALS Executive Director, Pamela Hart, notes: “Given the coronavirus global pandemic, focusing on our disordered relationship with non-human animals, including wildlife, has never been more important. With the launch of the International Wildlife Law Clinic, we are bringing together the fields of animal and environmental law to focus on these critically important issues.” The Clinic re-examines our relationship with wildlife, with a goal of finding innovative pathways to improving the lives of animals, people, and protecting the planet.


Noted international wildlife and environmental lawyer and scholar, Clinical Professor Erica Lyman leads the Global Law Alliance. For over fifteen years, Professor Lyman has dedicated her practice, teaching, and scholarship to advancing wild animal protection throughout the world. She is recognized by peers as a leader in the field of international wildlife law, with a deep knowledge of international law and a history of creative, progressive thinking about using international legal opportunities for the benefit of wildlife and the environment.


She is joined by Senior Staff Attorney Nick Fromherz, also an expert in international wildlife law, with particular expertise in Latin America as he lives and works in Bolivia. Nick has been an Assistant Visiting Professor in the areas of international law, environmental law, and comparative law, and is now an Adjunct Professor, at Lewis & Clark Law School. He was formerly a senior attorney at Sea Shepherd Legal (SSL).


CALS remains the only program in the world to offer an advanced legal degree in animal law (the Animal Law LLM). CALS has educated and trained more than 52 graduates from over 20 countries around the world. The Clinic enables CALS’ LLM students to gain the expertise they need in both animal law and environmental law to return to their home countries and advance animal protection through the law. Dean of Animal Law, Professor Pamela Frasch, underscores the importance of the Clinic, saying “It is with a renewed sense of urgency and purpose that we educate the next generation of animal law attorneys in essential, and overlapping, concepts of environmental and animal law.”