Faculty and Staff

Pamela Byce

Assistant Dean and Executive Director, Center for Animal Law Studies

Pamela Frasch

Professor of Law and the Brooks McCormick Jr. Scholar of Animal Law and Policy

Nicholas Fromherz

Latin American Program Director, Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment, and Adjunct Professor

Hira Jaleel

Animal Law Teaching Fellow & Adjunct Faculty

Lindsay Kadish

Director of Operations & Program Administration

Danielle Lopez

Animal Law Program Coordinator

Erica Lyman

Clinical Professor of Law, Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment

Russ Mead

The Shared Earth Foundation Visiting Professor

Rajesh K. Reddy

Assistant Professor of Law and Animal Law Program Director

Megan A. Senatori

Associate Director & Adjunct Faculty, Center for Animal Law Studies

Joyce Tischler

Professor of Practice

CALS Adjunct Faculty

Rebecca Critser

Adjunct Law Faculty

Jake Kamins

Adjunct Law Faculty

Paul Locke

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Animal Law and Science

David Rosengard

Adjunct Law Faculty

Cynthia von Schlichten

Adjunct Law Faculty

Steven Wise

Adjunct Law Faculty