Farmed Animal Protection Project

The Farmed Animal Protection Project was launched in the fall of 2022 and expands experiential learning to advance protections and advocacy for farmed animals

The Farmed Animal Protection Project provides an exciting new opportunity to advance the knowledge and skills of our increasingly diverse student body (LLM, MSL and JD) to protect farmed animals. While clinics are limited to law students and LLM students, this new format enables our non-lawyer advanced degree students to participate in advocacy as well.

The Farmed Animal Protection Project concentrates on farmed animal protection and lawyering skills used by farmed animal protection legal advocates. The project has an in-class component as well as an out-of-class individual project.

In-class exercises teach farmed animal protection legal strategies and lawyering skills helpful to lawyers working in farmed animal protection. Each week, the class explores an emerging farm animal protection topic or a farmed animal law lawyering skill.

Under the guidance of Professor Russ Mead, students create an individual project in the field of farmed animal protection law. These projects prepare students to work as lawyers for animal nonprofits and NGO’s. The projects also benefit lawyer and non-lawyer advocates currently working in farmed animal protection. Students are expected to spend 10 hours a week on these projects.

Visit the Law Courses Catalog for course details, prerequisites, enrollment and more. Please note that the Animals in the Law course is a co-requisite.