For over 20 years, Lewis & Clark Law School has been home to the nation’s premier animal law program. Our challenging and diverse curriculum is taught by renowned animal law scholars and practitioners from around the world.

We offer students both classroom and experiential learning environments to explore the legal theory, jurisprudence, and practical application of animal law.

Animal law overlaps with many traditional areas of the law such as torts, criminal, constitutional, and property law. It is rooted in the practical application of statutory and decisional law but also explores legal theory and jurisprudence. In animal law we ask fundamental questions about the nature of a legal right or interest, the manner in which the law often creates or entrenches power imbalances, and how those imbalances impact animals.

For up-to-date information addressing when specific courses are being offered, please be sure to visit the Law Courses Catalog maintained by the Registrar’s Office.

Animal Law Courses