Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment

The Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment (the “Global Law Alliance”) is a champion for wild animals and wild spaces across the globe, working to protect animals and the environment through the development, implementation, and enforcement of international law. Law students (JD and LLM) actively participate in the work through two legal clinics.
 The Global Law Alliance is an innovative collaboration of the world-renowned Center for Animal Law Studies and the top ranked Environmental Law Program at Lewis & Clark Law School.

Across the world, wild animals and their environments are at risk. As legal experts, the Global Law Alliance protects these animals by addressing direct exploitation, habitat conservation, the wildlife trade, poaching,
the extinction crisis, and more. The range of animals the Global Law Alliance works to protect is broad, from the world’s most-trafficked mammal, the pangolin, to iconic species such as whales and elephants, to small but equally important animals like lizards, frogs, and butterflies.


Mother Elephant and Calf grazing at Amboseli with Kilimanjaro

The Global Law Alliance protects animals and the environment by:

  • Working with clients who share its mission
  • Forming partnerships with governments and international institutions to develop, implement, and
    enforce international law
  • Training students to advocate for wild animals and the environment
  • Influencing international animal and environmental related policy through hands-on, ground-level expertise and involvement
  • Providing on-the-ground prosecutor and judicial trainings to stop wild animal exploitation
  • Developing and disseminating scholarship on CITES compliance, international enforcement, and more, such as contributing to the ABA Rule of Law Initiative’s Report, Illegal Wildlife Trafficking and Its Relation To Transnational Organized Crime in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Champions for Wild Animals 

Noted international wildlife and environmental lawyer and scholar, Clinical Professor Erica Lyman leads the Global Law Alliance. For over fifteen years, Professor Lyman has dedicated her practice, teaching, and scholarship to advancing wild animal protection throughout the world. She is recognized by peers as a leader in the field of international wildlife law, with a deep knowledge of international law and a history of creative, progressive thinking about using international legal opportunities for the benefit of wildlife and the environment.


She is joined by Nick Fromherz, Latin American Program Director for the Global Law Alliance, who is also an expert in international wildlife law and lives and works in Bolivia. Nick has been an Assistant Visiting Professor in the areas of international law, environmental law, and comparative law, and is now an Adjunct Professor at Lewis & Clark Law School. He was formerly a senior attorney at Sea Shepherd Legal (SSL).


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