Alumni In Action

Bianka Atlas

LLM ’20 - New Zealand

Jessica Chapman

LLM ’21 - United States
Criminal Justice Program Fellow, Animal Legal Defense Fund

Tara Cooley

LLM ’21 - United States
Animal Law Teaching Fellow, University of Connecticut

Gladys Kamasanyu

LLM ’20 - Uganda
Chief Magistrate, Uganda Wildlife Court

Paul Kadushi

LLM ’20 - Tanzania
Director of Asset Forfeitures, Transnational and Specialized Crimes Division of Tanzania’s National Prosecutions Service

Hira Jaleel

LLM ’20 - Pakistan
Senior Associate, Axis Law Chambers

Lyudmila Shegay

LLM ’20 - Kazakhstan
Managing Director, Institute of Animal Law of Asia

Diego Plaza

LLM ’20 - Chile
Executive Director, CEDA Chile & President, Fundación Justicia Interespecie

Christina E. Lee

LLM ’20
United States

Zihao Yu

LLM ’20

Prisca Daka

LLM ’19 - Zimbabwe
Law Clerk, Center for Biological Diversity

Leila Arefi-Pour

LLM ’19 - Washington State, US
Attorney, Vancouver Defenders

Tony Gerrans

LLM ’19 - South Africa
Executive Director of African Operations, Humane Society International

Tess Vickery

LLM ’19
Legal and Policy Advisory, to NSW Parliament member of the Animal Justice Party

Ever Vimbai Chinoda

LLM ’17 - Zimbabwe
Executive Director and Founder, Speak Out For Animals

Rebecca Jenkins

LLM ’16 - Ireland
Executive Director, Aquatic Life Institute

Alice Di Concetto

LLM ’16
Founder, European Institute for Animal Law & Policy

Thomas Jatiko

LLM ’19
Prosecutor, Head of Wildlife Crimes Unit at Director of Public Prosecution in Uganda

Joseph Mayson

LLM ’19
Researcher/Project Liaison in the Office of the President, PETA

Judy Muriithi

LLM ’19
Legal Officer, WildlifeDirect

Sahana Ramdas

LLM ’19
Environmental Law LLM Candidate, Pace University

Rodah Ogoma

LLM ’18
Prosecutor, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution

Hon. Temba Allan Sitati

LLM ’18
Principal Magistrate, Lamu Law Courts of Kenya

Amy Wilson

LLM ’18
Founder, Animal Law Reform South Africa

Alice Collinson

LLM ’17
Solicitor, Advocates for Animals

Gikui W. Gichuhi

LLM ’17
Prosecutor, Wildlife Crimes Unit at Office of the Director of Public Prosecution

Hon. Justice Nzioki wa Makau

LLM ’17
Judge, Industrial Court of Kenya

Jim Karani Riungu

LLM ’16
Head of Legal Affairs, WildlifeDirect Kenya

David Rosengard

LLM ’16
Staff Attorney, Animal Legal Defense Fund

Gieri Bolliger

LLM ’14
Executive Director, Stiftung für das Tier im Recht (TIR), Switzerland

Alena Eckhardt

LLM ’14
Attorney, Cox, Wootton, Lerner, Griffin & Hansen, LLP

Moe Honjo

LLM ’14
Doctoral candidate, graduate school of law at Hitotsubashi University

M. Claire Howe

LLM ’14
Executive Director and Co-Founder, The Raven Corps

Juli Zagrans

LLM ’14
Regional Director, One Tail at a Time

Mitzi Bolaños

LLM ’13
Executive Director, Anchorage Equal Rights Commission

Yvonne Gurira

Animal Law LLM ’22
Founder and Executive Director, Animal Advocates International