Sadie Jacobs

Sadie is a recipient of the online Animal Law Leadership Award as well as the Animal Law Advocates Advanced Degree Scholarship.

Sadie is a graduate of Vermont Law School, and currently is a law clerk in the 17th Judicial District in Broomfield, Colorado. Working in animal protection has long been a career goal of hers, so she decided to enroll in the online Animal Law LLM Program to further her understanding of the legal issues surrounding animals. She is especially interested in learning more about the laws for farmed animals.

Prior to law school, Sadie spent six months in Kampala, Uganda, studying animal rights and volunteering for a local animal shelter. She also worked at animal shelters and veterinary clinics before deciding that a career in law would best enable her to become an effective advocate for animals.

During law school, Sadie pursued various opportunities to broaden her experience with animal advocacy, such as through an internship with the Animal Welfare Institute. She also completed an externship in Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ Office of Legal Counsel, where she spent time assisting First Gentleman Marlon Reis on various issues relating to animal protection legislation. In addition, she was a Co-Chair of the Vermont Law School Student Chapter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, where among other things she helped to petition the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board to change the laws on coyote hunting within the state.

Read some of Sadie’s work here and here.