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   Photo, in memory of Dona Cooley, 2008-2020.

Tara Cooley

LLM ’21 - United States

Animal Law Teaching Fellow, University of Connecticut

CALS Ambassador (2021-22)

Tara currently serves as the Animal Law Teaching Fellow at UConn Law School, where she trains and mentors law students who serve as Courtroom Animal Advocates under Desmond’s Law, which was enacted in 2016. Tara was selected as a CALS Ambassador and Global Ambassador Program (GAP) grant recipient to further expand the implementation of Courtroom Animal Advocate Programs (CAAPs) throughout the country. As a CALS Ambassador, she is partnering with Professor Jessica Rubin of UConn Law to complete two new projects in connection with UConn Law’s CAAP work: (1) develop a specialized diversionary program to serve CT cruelty offenders and (2) develop a multi-state CAAP guide to assist other states in the successful implementation of a CAAP programs in their communities.