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Center for Animal Law Studies

Ever Vimbai Chinoda

Harare, Zimbabwe

LLM ’17

Ever Vimbai received our International Advocates Animal Law  LLM Scholarship. During the program, she is on leave from her position as a Legal Office at Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in Zimbabwe. In this capacity, her work focuses mainly on legislation drafting, lobbying and advocacy related to animal protection laws around Zimbabwe with both private and public stakeholders. She also watches in brief major cases involving wildlife trafficking, poaching, and illegal possession of ivory. As a former prosecutor, she was well-suited to assist public prosecutors on cases involving wildlife across Zimbabwe. For example, Ever Vimbai was involved in the case involving Cecil the lion from Hwange National Park killed by the U.S. dentist, Walter Palmer.

“I have told myself that I am a history maker. By studying this first and only degree in the world, I made a conscious and strategic decision to become an international vessel with a voice who could stand to speak and advocate for animal protection. My history making begins with being the first Zimbabwean and only person in Southern Africa to undertake a Masters in Animal Law. My desire is to see animal law incorporated in university and college curriculum leading to an increase of lawyers devoted to the field of animal law. It is my goal to increase awareness regarding protection of all animals in Africa - wildlife, companion, aquatic, and agricultural - to lay people, stakeholders, law enforcement, and policy makers.”