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Lyudmila Shegay

LLM ’20 - Kazakhstan

Managing Director, Institute of Animal Law of Asia

CALS Ambassador

Lyudmila is a recipient of the International Animal Advocates LLM Scholarship, an attorney, and the first Animal Law LLM student from Kazakhstan. She earned her LLB degree at KIMEP University in Kazakhstan, the only university that offers the course of animal law in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Lyudmila’s interest in the animal law field was raised by her former professor who had given her reading materials and cases related to animals during such courses as Civil Law and Family Law. The nation’s attitude towards animals in Kazakhstan and the lack of legal protection led her to the path of studying animal law to fight for elevating the status of animals in the legal system and raising awareness about the threats they face. Her primary interests in this field include legal personhood for animals and the investigation of crimes against animals.

Lyudmila’s forthcoming work is the chapter on animals in agriculture in Animal Law, which will be published in Kazakhstan and become a supplemental reading for KIMEP University’s Animal Law course. She contributes to the discussion of the draft law on the Animal Welfare Act of Kazakhstan, serves as an advisor and research assistant on foreign legislation in animal law issues, and contributes to the discussion on the closure of aquariums in Kazakhstan.

Currently, Lu is a co-Founder and Managing Director at the Institute of Animal Law of Asia (IALA), an educational research center that focuses on animal law issues and legislation all over Asia and the world. She is also presenting her LLM thesis on the failure of international law to protect sharks at the Animal Law Academy Webinar hosted by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Lu is the 2021-2022 CALS Ambassador within the Global Ambassador Program (GAP) presenting the project “Enhancing Legal Regulations of Aquatic Animals in Kazakhstan.” Her project will be focused on raising awareness about the detrimental effect of human activities on aquatic animals, the necessity to give sufficient attention and legal protection to aquatic animals, and the bitter truth about the life of aquatic animals in captivity.

“Animal Law Program at Lewis & Clark Law School was a significant and meaningful stage of my life. I received so much support and knowledge from faculty and staff of the Center for Animal Law Studies and it became an integral part of my personal and professional development. I feel enormously fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to study animal law and be able to apply my knowledge in practice. I am also very honored to be a CALS Ambassador and contribute to the development of animal law in Kazakhstan.”