International Wildlife Clinic - LLM

International Wildlife Clinic - LLM - Professor Erica Lyman

  • Course Number: LAW-854
  • Course Type: LLM only
  • Credits: 6 credits over two semesters
  • Enrollment Limit: Determined by the Professor
  • Description: This practical skills course is designed for students in the Animal Law LLM program who have an interest in practicing wildlife law. The course focuses on strategic intervention and domestic implementation in international wildlife law, building on Professor Lyman’s practice. Work will range from preparing for meetings relating to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) or the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), to assessing domestic legislation in order to strengthen opportunities to combat wildlife crime, to filing petitions, drafting legal opinions, and engaging in other means of strategic intervention on behalf of wildlife worldwide.


    During this course, practical skills development will include, among other topics, negotiation in an international context, treaty drafting, and treaty interpretation; legislative assessment and drafting; legal opinion, memoranda, and client letter drafting; development and management of client relationships; oral advocacy in an international context; cultural competency and lobbying; and planning, development, and strategy regarding project/campaign/case development. The specific practical skills honed each semester depend on the Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment’s docket, but as a matter of course, students can expect to deepen their research, problem solving, analytical, and writing skills.

    Students are expected to attend and participate in a 2-hour classroom component, meet with a supervising attorney for up to one hour, and work about 8 hours outside of class on average each week on projects/campaigns/cases as assigned. The class meets on Fridays. To get students prepared to engage quickly, class on the first two Fridays of both Fall and Spring semesters will meet for 4 to 5 hours.

    Students must submit an application for to this course after admission to the Animal Law LLM Program. Submit your application to Professor Erica Lyman at

  • Prerequisite: Currently enrolled in Animal Law LLM program.
  • Evaluation Method: Credit/no credit
  • Capstone: no
  • WIE: no