Torts II

This course takes up where Torts I left off. It examines particular fields of tort law in which special problems arise and in which intent, negligence, and strict liability are involved and intermingled as possible bases for recovery. Subjects covered include products liability, fraud and other misrepresentations, libel and slander, invasion of privacy, misuse of legal procedure, and interference with contractual and other economic relations.  The grade will be based on final exam and class participation.

Torts II: Toxic

This course is NOT open to persons who have taken the regular Torts II course.  This course covers toxic contamination of water, air, and the earth as well as toxic substances marketed for human use.  It covers theories of liability (unreasonably dangerous activities, trespass, products liability, and nuisance), causation and injury issues, defenses, and other issues relevant to toxic exposure. Student evaluation will be primarily on the basis of a final examination.