Environmental Negotiation and Mediation

Environmental Negotiation and Mediation - Professor Jacob Bush

  • Course Number: LAW-352
  • Course Type: Foundational
  • Credits: 2
  • Enrollment Limit: 20
  • Description:

    The Environmental Negotiation and Mediation class offers a tour of the environmental, natural resources, and public policy negotiation world, from two-party real estate “green development” discussions to multi-party environmental justice policy issues to international natural resources mediations. There is a focus on hands-on learning and practical skills development. The course is designed to build students’ mutual-gains and cross-cultural negotiation skills throughout the semester, through participating in a multitude of simulations.

    Students will experience different negotiation perspectives first-hand by taking on the roles of attorney, client, task force member and national delegate, mediator. The first-hand experience will allow for focus on problem-solving approaches and gaining a sense for the dynamics of complex negotiations involving multiple stakeholders.

  • Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for this class, which is designed to complement the Alternative Dispute Resolution class and other dispute resolution offerings at Lewis & Clark.
  • Evaluation Method: Participation in class discussions and negotiations, written products (negotiation preparatory materials and reflective journals), and a final exam.
  • Capstone: no
  • WIE: no