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Animal Law Litigation, Legislation, & Policy

The class has an emphasis on animal protection legislation, but expands your understanding of what makes an effective law by analyzing and drafting legislation within the context of how the law both impacts, and is impacted by, litigation, negotiation, oral and written advocacy.  

Real world lawyering and advocacy skills will be practiced through interactive exercises, diverse writing assignments, role-playing and debate. Students will learn how to effectively and persuasively communicate in oral and written form to a variety of audiences and stakeholders, how to develop legal and political strategies to protect animals, and how to analyze, negotiate and draft legal and legislative text. Students will also explore effective trial practice, pre- and post-trial proceedings, and ethical issues from the perspectives of both prosecution and criminal defense attorneys. 

Throughout the semester, the students will gain a deeper understanding of the important interplay between legislative drafting, litigation strategy, negotiation, and policy considerations when advocating on behalf of animals.

Students will be evaluated based on a combination of participation, short writing assignments, and simulated in-class debates and role-playing.

(Maximum class size - 10 students)