Entrepreneurship and Law: Practicum

This course is limited to 8 students and combines a weekly two hour class and a 10 hour per week internship at either (i) a Portland law firm focused on working with entrepreunerial clients or (ii) a local emerging business. This class focuses on technology related emerging business corporate law and is ideal for students considering a career in corporate law or corporate litigation or patent prosecution. The in-class portion will include 6-15 MBA students from University of Portland who are focused on entrepreneurship as part of their MBA program. All legal work will be supervised by licensed attorneys. In previous years, students have done their internship in both large and boutique firms as well as a number of emerging businesses in Portland like Jive Software, Viewpoint Construction Software, and Payrange.

The in-class portion will be jointly taught by faculty from the law school and the University of Portland business school and utilize guest speakers from the local business and legal communities.

For the Internship portion of the class, law students will work on projects for emerging business clients under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Law students will produce legal documents as required by their supervising attorney, including but not limited to formation documents, contracts, regulatory filings, legal audits and other materials to be used by the client. Students shall not be compensated for work performed in connection with their internship but may list the experience on their CV.

This 4 credit class is graded on a credit/no credit basis. Class participation and feedback from your supervising attorney will form the basis of your grade.

You may register directly for this class, however, enrollment is preliminary and limited. All registrants will be screened through an interview process and final acceptance will be decided after interviews are conducted. To apply, register online, and then submit a short email stating your interest in this course and your resume or vita to Professor Amy Bushaw, bushaw@lclark.edu

Prerequisite: Business Associations I. Preference given to those who have completed at least two years of law school.