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Legal Practicum: Environmental Prosecution

This is a year-long Internship Seminar. In the Fall students will attend a 2 hour seminar. In the Spring, students will be placed with a federal or state environmental enforcement agency in Portland. Under the supervision of an Assistant US Attorney and an Assistant Attorney General, the students will take part in case evaluations, investigations and prosecutions under federal and state environmental laws such as the Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The student will participate in all stages of the prosecution, from investigation through charging and sentencing, with potential court appearances. Students will work directly with investigating agents as well as their supervising attorney.

Applicants will be screened through an interview process. To apply, submit a transcript, a resume and a one page statement on why you wish to take this course listing any relevant background experience that you have. Submit applications to the Registrar on the first day of registration. Students are notified later in the summer regarding interviews.

Requirements: Two hour per week seminar in the Fall for 2; 10 hours per week clinical in the Spring for 2 credits. This is a credit/no credit class. Class size will depend on the availability of active cases to assign to students.

Prerequisites: Environmental Law; Students must qualify for Oregon Supreme Court Student Appearance Rules; apply and receive professor invitation.

Students shall not be compensated for work performed in connection with an Internship placement.