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Writing for MPT

Couse Number: LAW-859
Course Type: Foundational
Enrollment Limit: 10

This course focuses on developing the skills test on the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) portion of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE).

The MPT requires examinees to (1) sort detailed factual materials and separate relevant from irrelevant facts; (2) analyze statutory, case, and administrative materials for applicable principles of law; (3) apply the relevant law to the relevant facts in a manner likely to resolve a client’s problem; (4) identify and resolve ethical dilemmas, when present; (5) communicate effectively in writing; and (6) complete a lawyering task within time constraints.

These skills are tested by requiring examinees to perform one or more of a variety of lawyering tasks. For example, examinees might be instructed to complete any of the following: a memorandum to a supervising attorney, a letter to a client, a persuasive memorandum or brief, a statement of facts, a contract provision, a will, a counseling plan, a proposal for settlement or agreement, a discovery plan, a witness examination plan, or a closing argument.

This class is not designed for students who have extensive clerking experience with many memorandums under their belts. This course is designed for students who need practical legal writing experience and/or who struggle with legal writing. Students will gain experience in the main forms of analysis expected on the MPT: fact analysis, legal analysis, fact gathering, problem solving and ethical considerations.

Prerequisites: none

Evaluation Method: Credit/No credit based on combination of attendance, completion of written
assignments and conferences with the instructor.

Capstone: no
WIE: no