Flood Control Law & Regulation

Professor Shapiro, S.

  • Course Number: LAW-942

  • Course Type: Highly Specialized

  • Credits: 2

  • Enrollment Limit: Determined by the Registrar

  • Description: Flood Control Law and Regulation is a 2 credit, seminar-style course offered via zoom, with a mixture of lecture, Socratic-style learning, and student-led discussion. While water law coursework is common in law-schools, flood law coursework is not, despite the significant flood risk that exists in almost every state. Thus, a public agency lawyer representing cities, counties, or flood control districts will have to learn this unique area of law on the job. Further, the regulatory limitations on land development is key on the private side, and the interplay between Federal flood programs (such as the National Flood Insurance Program) and the Endangered Species Act, is the subject of myriad lawsuits. The issues of flood control are far ranging and important and include impacts to natural resources, ecosystems, issues of equity, etc.

  • Prerequisite: None

  • Evaluation Method: Exam

  • Capstone: No

  • WIE: No