Audit Application 2024- 2025

A person will be allowed to audit a class if the class is not filled during the pre-registration process and if the professor gives that person permission to audit the class by signing the Audit Application.

In order to audit a class, a person must have a bachelor’s degree, except in the case of legal assistants. Legal assistants who do not have a bachelor’s degree will be allowed to audit classes if they provide a letter from their employer confirming that they work as legal assistants.

No basic first-year course may be audited.

Auditors are not eligible to receive Federal financial aid.

Auditors do not receive a transcript and cannot apply or transfer these credits to Lewis & Clark Law School.

A Certificate of Completion is given only to those auditors who (1) register to audit for certification and (2) complete all course work with a passing grade.


  • General Auditors: Tuition $2,181.00 per credit hour with certificate; Tuition is $1,090.50 per credit hour without certificate.
  • LC Law Alumni, Government and nonprofit employees: $1,090.50 per credit hour with certificate; Tuition $545.25 per credit hour without certificate
    • Government and nonprofit employment must be verified by employer. Volunteers are not eligible for this rate.
  • Tuition is due no later than the first day of class.

There is a fee for all cars parked on campus. Auditors should contact the Transportation and Parking Office for parking instructions before parking on campus.

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