Mentor Program Awards Presented

In April, awards were presented to the Law School’s outstanding mentors for 2010-2011.
  • Hoshi Kondo '12 and his mentor Donna Maddux '02, who received the Andrea Swanner Redding Outstanding Mentor Award.
  • Dustin Combs '12 and his mentor Dan Eller '04. Dustin received the Outstanding Mentee Award.
  • Heather Murray '13 and her mentor Cody Elliott '08, one of the outstanding first year mentor award recipients.
  • Tyler Volm '08 and his mentee Eli Krueger '13. Tyler received one of the outstanding first year mentor awards.
  • Lindsay Dickston '07 and her mentee Meredith Price '13. Lindsay received one of the outstanding first year mentor awards.
  • Alison Osterberg '09, one of the outstanding first year mentor award recipients, and her mentee Rachel Federico '13.

At a special reception held on April 6 at the Law School, several mentors and one student received recognition for their participation in the Mentor Program.  Each year, students are invited to nominate their mentor, many of which are alumni of the Law School, for the outstanding mentor awards.  Selection for the awards is based on the quality of the mentoring experience and is generally awarded to mentors whose students feel their mentors devoted an exceptional amount of time and attention to working with them.  Most mentors offer advice about law school, career options, and living in the Portland area, as well as attending mentor program events, law school activities, and legal community events with their mentees.  In addition, many mentors introduce their mentees to their families - to help build a support system - and their colleagues - to build professional networks.

The 2010-2011 Mentor Program award recipients are:

  • Donna Maddux ‘02, Andrea Swanner Redding Outstanding Mentor Award (presented to a mentor who worked with an upper division law student)
  • Dustin Combs ‘12, the Outstanding Mentee Award (presented to a student whose mentor feels was especially involved in making the mentoring experience a success)
  • Lindsay Dickston ‘07, First Year Mentor Award
  • Cody Elliott ‘08, First Year Mentor Award
  • Alison Osterberg ‘09, First Year Mentor Award
  • Tyler Volm ‘08, First Year Mentor Award

The Law School thanks each of the 2010-2011 mentors for their participation in this important program.  If you would like to mentor a student during the 2011-2012 academic year, contact Libby Davis ‘93, Associate Dean for Career Services & Alumni Relations, who oversees the Mentor Program.