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NRLI Distinguished Visitor, Professor Hope Babcock, visits Lewis & Clark

August 30, 2012

In October, the Environmental & Natural Resources Law Program welcomed its 25th annual Natural Resources Law Institute Distinguished Visitor, Hope M. Babcock, Professor of Law at Georgetown School of Law.  The NRLI Distinguished Visitor spends three days on campus attending classes and meeting students and presenting a lecture to the law school community.  On October 24, 2012 Professor Babcock gave a well-received public lecture entitled Putting a Price on Whales to Save Them: The Moral Infirmities of a Market-Based Solution to a Regulatory Failure or What Do Morals Have to Do With It?

Professor Babcock is the co-director of the Institute for Public Representation (IPR) at Georgetown Law. Prior to joining the Georgetown faculty, she was general counsel for the National Audubon Society, practiced energy and environmental law at various Washington, D.C. law firms, and was a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy and Minerals in the U.S. Department of the Interior where she oversaw the drafting of strip mining and offshore oil and gas regulations. She served on the ABA’s Standing Committee on Environmental Law and the Clinton-Gore Transition Team. She has published extensively in the fields of environmental, natural resources, and Indian law and has written articles on topics as diverse as indigenous oral history, federalism, the BP Gulf Oil Spill, the legal fiction doctrine, and ocean fish ranching. She received her undergraduate degree from Smith College and law degree from Yale Law School.

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