• LCAlerts: A cougar has been sighted around the lower campus near the outdoor pool. Keep aware of your surroundings. Do not approach, run away, or crouch down. Do all you can to appear larger and remain calm. For additional safety tips, please visit https://www.dfw.state.or.us/wildlife/living_with/docs/CougarBroch.pdf Report all cougar sightings to Campus Safety by calling 503-768-7777.

Alumni Board of Directors

Members for 2013-14

Tonya Alexander ’01

Hon. Sidney Billingslea ’84

Katheryn Bradley ’86

Hon. Anna Brown ’80

Coby Dolan ’99

Michael Eidlin ’92

Dan Eller ’04, Vice President

Courtney Flora ’98 

Adina Flynn ’96, President

David Hittle ’74

Thomas Jensen ’83

Jeannie Lee ’08

Molly Marcum ’82

Hon. Keith Meisenheimer ’76

Sarah Melton ’08

Ajit Phadke ’98

Christopher Rounds ’86

Justin Sawyer ’01

Kenneth “KC” Schefski ’99

Bryan Scott ’91

Heather Self ’01

Hon. Jill Tanner ’88

Jason Wilson-Aguilar ’96

Lawrence Wobbrock ’77