Mentor Awards

Our long-standing Mentor Program matches students with attorneys who provide one-on-one guidance.

April 2, 2014

The law school’s long-standing Mentor Program matches students with attorneys who volunteer to provide one-on-one guidance. These mentors offer law students advice on how best to manage their time, make career decisions, develop as ethical professionals, and transition from law school to employment. During the 18th Annual Mentor Awards presentation, we recognized several of these volunteers for their contributions of time, knowledge, and friendship to students during 2013-14.

This year’s First-Year Mentor Award recipients were Nellie Barnard ’12, Maya Crawford ’03, Erik Nelson ’11, and Marianne Young ’10. The Andrea Swanner Redding Outstanding Mentor Award, named in honor of one of the founders of our program, was presented to Tom Miller.

We also invited mentors to nominate students who went above and beyond to make the mentoring experience a positive one for both parties. This year’s Outstanding Mentee Award was presented to Emily Matasar ’14 by her mentor, Kate von Ter Stegge.

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