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Professor Aliza Kaplan and OIP comment on crime lab scandal

September 18, 2015

  • photo from Oregonlive

Scandals involving analysts working for crime labs in Oregon are making the news, and media outlets are turning to the Oregon Innocence Project (OIP) and Professor Aliza Kaplan, an expert on criminal justice reform, for comment. 

One investigation is looking into an analyst mishandling lab evidence at a state police crime lab in Bend, Oregon. Another case involved an analyst who worked in other towns in the state, and who is accused of stealing and tampering with evidence. Professor Kaplan and Steven Wax, legal director of the Oregon Innocence Project, call for an independent third-party investigation into these cases.

Read and view the media coverage:
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Update 9.25.15 - Governor Kate Brown announced that she has formed a workgroup to evaluate the practices and procedures of the Oregon State Police crime lab, Read OIP’s press release.

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