Commencement 2015

The law school’s 2015 commencement ceremony was held on Saturday, May 24.

Members of the Class of 2015 were celebrated by family, friends, faculty, and staff at the law school’s commencement ceremony, which was held on Saturday, May 24, at the Pamplin Sports Center on the Lewis & Clark Undergraduate Campus.


Dean Jennifer Johnson shared advice proffered by the faculty regarding the next stage of their professional lives, which included observations about the importance of balancing career with personal commitments and interests. Her own counsel was this:

Dean Jennifer Johnson Dean Jennifer Johnson

 In order to do good for others, you first have to be good to yourself. Take time for yourself. Exercise—walk, run, swim, do yoga. Cook healthy food, watch a movie, read a good book that has nothing to do with law! Take time for your family. Read to your kids, go to their school events. Go on a date with your spouse or significant other. If you are lucky enough to still have your parents, call them—especially your mother. Spend some time with them. And after you have talked to Mom or Dad, disconnect. Seriously. Turn off your phone, your computer, your tablet, your iPod mini, your smart watch. “But,” you protest, “what about my Facebook friends, my Instagram friends, my Twitter friends?” Here’s an idea: Go see them! Take a few deep breaths. Your clients, your work, your boss, the bar exam, even your electronic buddies will all still be there when you turn your e-world back on.

Johnson also paid special tribute to Associate Dean Martha Spence ’84, who will be retiring at the end of the 2015-16 academic year. Spence, who has planned the commencement ceremonies for decades, is well known for her warmth and the strong connections she’s forged with students.

In closing, Johnson told the graduates, “We are proud of you and while we congratulate you on your accomplishments, we will remember and miss you!”

  • Cornelius Honor Society Induction

    Members of the Cornelius Honor Society gather around Dean Jennifer Johnson. Members of the Cornelius Honor Society gather around Dean Jennifer Johnson.

    Twenty-nine graduates were inducted into the Cornelius Honor Society on May 24 during a special reception. Members were selected by the faculty based on distinguished scholarship, leadership, and contributions to the law community. The society is named in honor of Dorothy L. Cornelius, who served the law school for 20 years.

    2015 Inductees

    Leland Baxter-Neal

    Rachel E. Bertoni

    Sara N. Blankenship

    Amber E. Buker

    Jacob P. Duginski

    Carla Elizabeth Edmondson

    Brandon Christopher Foy

    Stephanie Jo Grant

    Kelsey Lauren Herman

    Corbrett K. Hodson

    Amy E. Jesse

    Brandon Alexander Kline

    Andrea K. Lang

    Stevie Lemke

    Omead Ali Masha

    Ashley J. McDonald

    Corey M. Moffat

    Gabriela L. Norona

    Natalia Ospina Chaparro

    Sarah M. Park

    Chasta Pyle

    Victor Sebastian Reuther

    David B. Rosengard

    Daniel Isaac Rottenberg

    Ryan A. Shannon

    Jeffrey Brown Speir

    Silvia A. Tanner

    Maxine Tuan

    Spencer C. Wilson

  • Aliza Kaplan Honored With Leo Levenson Award

    Aliza Kaplan Aliza KaplanThe graduating class conferred the 2015 Leo Levenson Award for Excellence in Teaching on Professor of Lawyering and Director of the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic Aliza Kaplan. Brittney R. Plesser ’15 presented the award.

    Kaplan specializes in the areas of wrongful conviction, the death penalty, asylum law, and public interest lawyering. She is cofounder of the Oregon Innocence Project and represents the organization in the community. She also works on wrongful conviction cases, is an Oregon Justice Resource Center board member, and produces documentary films. The 2007 film Kaplan coproduced, My Country, My Country, was nominated for an Academy Award, and her 2010 film, The Oath, was nominated for two news Emmy Awards.

  • 2015 Graduates

    Master of Studies in Law

    Jianlei Chen

    Master of Laws Environmental and Natural Resources Law

    Shane Michael Barnes

    Sarah Annemarie Barth2

    Pimpat Chokedara2

    Socratesse Onoya Djemba2

    Kelvin Ashu Egbe2

    Vivian Grant Fernandes

    Yun Wynn Heh1

    Hubert Kainalu Hiatt2

    Nathaniel B. Larsen2

    Alexander Liberman

    Donald Nathan Lundwall2

    David Marín Cortés2

    Sona Mohnot2

    Verónica Muriel Carrioni1

    Margaretha Quina

    Lynn S. Schaffer

    Vinai C. Vinlander1

    Master of Laws Animal Law

    Micaela Jessica Logan2

    Judith Needham2

    Lindsey A. Zehel2

    Juris Doctor

    Jared Matthew Adler

    Kaitlyn A. Alavi

    Reza A. Alavi1

    Tyler M. Alexander

    Connor J. Allen

    Mary R. Anderson2

    Georgia Anton1

    Honoré A. Arias

    Mauricio L. Austin1

    Chelsea M. Barclay2

    Aaron J. Baxter

    Leland Baxter-Neal

    Andrew J. Bean2

    Eugene V. Beliy

    Rachel E. Bertoni

    Joseph A. Bieze

    Daniella Bismanovsky

    Sara N. Blankenship

    Austin James Bly

    Jacob Bradley Brown Booher

    Anthony D. Brown

    Amber E. Buker

    Sarah Kay Campbell

    Nicole G.S. Carver

    Daniel R. Chabon

    Shantel M. Chapple

    Brandon T. Cobb

    Victoria Simeone Cole

    Alexander H. Collins

    Michael Patrick Corwin

    Michael Joseph Cowgill

    Ashley H. Demland1

    Arianna M. Destefano2

    Samuel M. Diaz2

    Jacob P. Duginski

    Carla Elizabeth Edmondson2

    Ashleigh E. Edwards

    Caitlin E. Egeck2

    Timur Ender1

    Raleigh, North Carolina

    Joseph N. Fearey

    Jia J. Feng2

    Kevin S. Fisher

    Brandon Christopher Foy1

    Andrew Paul Freeman

    Shanna E. Fricklas

    Megan A. Fuhrer1

    Suleima Veronica Garcia

    Sarah A. Garrett

    Andrew David Glass

    Benjamin H. Goldberg

    Ann Y. Gong

    Carla Grabarek

    Stephanie Jo Grant

    Patrick P. Green

    Christopher T. Griffith

    Armelle D. Gueye2

    Erik R. Hanselman

    Brandon O’Neal Hawkins

    Kevin M. Hayes

    Jie He

    Nikoo Heidarzadeh

    Andrea R. Herman

    Kelsey Lauren Herman

    Elizabeth M. Hilliard

    Corbrett K. Hodson

    Joseph Louis Hogan

    Daniel Christopher Housley

    Daniel B. Hyer1

    Ryan D. Jayne

    Rudolph Wade Jeffries

    Amy E. Jesse1

    Kyle Daniel Johnson

    Kevin James Johnston

    Victoria Michele Johnston1

    Paul Thomas Judd

    Daniel Byrne Kahle

    Supriya Kanal1

    Alexis Sanders Kennedy

    Matthew E. Kennedy2

    Christine J. Kim

    Moon Young Kim1

    Sun T. Kim

    Tae Sung Kim

    Jess Bowen Kincaid1

    Brandon Alexander Kline

    Daniel Richard Knowlton

    Jennifer L. Kristiansen

    Jamie Kujovich

    Ryan S. Kunkel

    Bryce C. Kunz

    Rita L. Landgren2

    Andrea K. Lang

    Marques Lang1

    Roland J. Lau

    David Lauer

    Michael Jae Lee

    Sangduk Lee

    Stevie Lemke2

    Melissa Erin LeRitz

    Alexander Liberman1

    Serena L. Liss

    Xiaohui Liu

    David Charles Loos1

    Paulo C. Lopez

    Carol Eileen Macbeth1

    Lauren M. Maccarone2

    Allison R. Mahaney1

    Crystal S. Maloney1

    Christine A. Martin1

    Omead Ali Masha

    Stefanie Linn Mastic

    Jesse T. Matsukawa

    Michael P. May

    Jason Alan McClain

    Ashley J. McDonald

    Candice D. McLaughlin

    Victor H. Mercado1

    Megan R. Miller

    Merissa Anne Moeller

    Corey M. Moffat

    John Christopher Moulder2

    Stephen D. Mudge

    Jagjit S. Nagra

    Ross W. Neher2

    Anna Laura Jabine Niederkorn

    Gabriela L. Norona

    Cera E. Oh

    Georgina Olazcon Mozo2

    Aubrey Michelle Olson1

    Samantha N. Omana

    Natalia Ospina Chaparro

    Angela M. Ostrowski

    Nicholas Anthony

    Papalambros Pappas2

    Quinton Larsen Parham

    Jong Sun Park

    Sarah M. Park

    Marisa Peterson

    Nicole Jean Spade Phillips

    Sierra N. Phillips

    Brittney R. Plesser

    Nicole Marilyn Pritchard

    Chasta Pyle

    Jonathan W. Quinsey

    Amy N. Reid

    Joel B. Reschly

    Victor Sebastian Reuther

    Daniel S. Reynolds

    Shane A. Riedman

    Emily K. Rietmann

    Matthew R. Ring

    Brian W. Riske1

    Bradley T. Rose

    David B. Rosengard

    Tucker Rossetto

    Daniel Isaac Rottenberg

    Kyle J. Roush2

    Kelly M. Ryan

    Jeffrey D. Ryding

    Jonah L. Sandford

    Alyssa C. Sappenfield

    Alexander F. Sargent

    Rachel E. Sekine1

    Noah A. Seligman

    Hannah Elizabeth Shangraw

    Ryan A. Shannon

    Garrett R. Sharp

    Noel Kaleikalaunuoka‘oia‘i‘o Shaw2

    Changhyeon Shin

    Brian L. Smith2

    Caleb B. Smith

    Eric M. Smith

    Melonie A. Sparber2

    Jeffrey Brown Speir

    Jacob R. Stallings2

    Celeste M. Strate

    Scott Maxwell Strickland

    Wilson Ta

    Silvia A. Tanner

    Jonathan T. Tasker2

    Tigard, Oregon

    Cameron H. Taylor

    Philip M. Taylor

    Lindsey Marie Teasdale1

    Kara J. Tebeau

    Steven M. Thiel

    Philip Michael Thoennes

    Christopher Brian Thomas

    Caroline I. Thompson

    Kaitlin Aliece Tidwell

    Maxine Tuan

    Cruz H. Turcott2

    Alec S. Unis

    Kent R. van Alstyne2

    Joy Qing Wang

    Alexandra Joy Ward

    Joshua Paul Weir

    Kristin Monique Welsh

    Laura Westmeyer

    Jarrett B. Wheeler

    Royce L. Williams2

    Spencer C. Wilson

    Justin Michael Withem

    Amy Mei Hee Wong2

    Christina Jin Yoon2


    1January 2015 graduate.

    2Student has not yet completed requirements for graduation.