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Laptops and Loans

December 03, 2009

Once, during the time you attend Lewis & Clark we can add the cost of a computer purchase to the books/supplies allowance in that year’s cost-of-attendance budget. This will increase the amount of Graduate Plus Loan you can borrow that year, and ‘reimburse’ yourself for the purchase.

The Graduate PLUS loan is a credit-qualified loan, so you will need to meet the credit qualifications of this loan program before you can receive these funds.

If there is a way for you to make this purchase, and pay it off in a few months time using a credit-card, or a payment plan, – you will pay much less for the computer than if I add the computer to a student loan that you will not make payments on for several years. But, if you need to do this to manage a computer purchase, I will make the increase to your student loan eligibility.

You need to purchase the computer (or at least place an order), submit the receipt to the financial aid office, and we will send you a revised award letter. The maximum adjustment for the purchase of a computer is $2500. We find that very few students need to spend that much on a computer.

Remember that there is no sales tax in Oregon, so if you purchase the computer after you arrive here, you may be able to save money.

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