September 26, 2017

Lewis & Clark Law Graduates Excel on Oregon Bar Exam

Lewis & Clark Law JD graduates excel on Oregon Bar Exam July 2017 with an 85.6% pass rate, surpassing the state’s overall rate.

Lewis & Clark JD graduates taking the Oregon bar exam for the first time in July 2017 achieved an 85.6% pass rate, surpassing the state’s overall first time rate of 84%.  For “all takers,” a category that includes graduates who were repeat exam takers, Lewis & Clark graduates achieved an 80.1% pass rate.

 “This is an important achievement, first and foremost for our students, and also as a recognition of the support they received from our faculty and staff,” remarked Lewis & Clark law school Dean Jennifer Johnson.  “We are dedicated to our mission to put students first, and this is a testament to that commitment.”

This was the first year that Oregon adopted the Uniform Bar Exam, (UBE) an exam that is accepted by numerous states.  Oregon’s bar pass rate is the fourth highest in the nation; twenty-four states have a lower pass rate and only 3 states have a higher pass rate compared to Oregon’s minimum pass rate of 274.

Responding to the new exam, Lewis & Clark Law School faculty and staff offered additional courses and study skills programs to prepare graduates. Approximately 60 students took advantage of a new bar exam study skills class. Professors also donated time to present issues covered on the UBE that might be new to students.

During the summer bar review course, a program was offered on Saturdays to provide coaching and advising. Finally, a dedicated study room was set up for students to use from May to July, so that students could concentrate their efforts and not be distracted by home environments.

“All of this was enormously helpful to students,” said Dean of Student Affairs Libby Davis. “I have received many emails telling us how important these extra efforts were for our graduates.”