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Gantenbein to Shine Once Again

  • The interior as it was in the early 1970s

Lewis & Clark is getting ready to unveil a newly renovated John Gantenbein Building this fall. The renovation brings back the sense of openness created by noted architect Paul Thiry, recognized by many as the father of architectural modernism in the Pacific Northwest.

Precision Construction Company and our own facilities team are collaborating to update the entire interior of the 1970 structure, which had become dark and crowded over time with a maze of offices. The building will house Admissions, Career Services, and a community space complete with fireplace. “We want to create a welcoming environment for students at every stage: prospective, newly admitted, and current,” said Dean Jennifer Johnson. “This building will allow them to connect with faculty, staff, alumni, and each other, which aligns with our mission as a law school.”

You can read more about the history of Gantenbein in “Monumental Legacies: Our Buildings and Their Namesakes” in the 2016 issue of The Advocate.

Architect Paul Thiry's original cross-section drawings for Gantenbein.Architect Paul Thiry's original cross-section drawings for Gantenbein.

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