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Cornelius Honor Society Induction

The faculty elected 37 graduates to be inducted into the Cornelius Honor Society on May 26 during a special reception.

The society is named in honor of Dorothy L. Cornelius, who served the law school for 20 years, first as secretary and finally as dean of admissions and registrar. Membership is offered to those who have distinguished themselves by their scholarship, leadership, and contribution to the law school community.

2017 Inductees

Madeline S. Allen
Kelsey M. Benedick
Lev Blumenstein
Daniel F. Bugni
Eric James Howard Chapman
Natalie C. Chernus
Tessa B. Copeland
Kevin S. Crosman
Nicole Christine Elgin
Joshua M. Goldberg
Dmitriy S. Golosinskiy
Amanda-Ann Bryan Gomm
Jessica Johanna Gordon
Douglas D. Hageman Jr.
Dylan J. Hallman
Nathaniel J. Haynes
Abbey L. Hendricks
Sarah K. Hobernicht
Christian H. Huettemeyer
Emet J. Klepper
Corin S. La Pointe-Aitchison
Tyler A. Lobdell
Maria Angelina Lopez
Venetia L. Mayhew
Kathryn H. McIntosh
Souvanny Elizabeth Miller
Lydeah Grayce Negro
Robert Bonwell Parker
Matthew D. Query
Rajesh K. Reddy
Elisabeth Neal Rennick
Kathryn E. Roberts
Amy L. Saack
Chelsea E. Sandbloom
Haley B. Scavone
Natascha B. Smith
Michelle Nicole Stowers

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