March 09, 2018

Statement on the Christina Hoff Sommers Speech

Statement on March 5 Lecture event, hosted by Federalist Society Student Group.

Statement on the Christina Hoff Sommers Event at the Law School

On March 5, Christina Hoff Sommers, invited to Lewis & Clark Law School by a student group as a speaker, was disrupted by a few protestors at the beginning of her speech. After a few minutes, she was able to continue and students engaged in a vigorous discussion during the question-and-answer session.

We do not condone the intentional efforts by even a few students to prevent this speaker from communicating her views to the vast majority of students who were willing to hear and debate them. The law school is taking appropriate disciplinary actions in accordance with school policies.

Critical thinking and discourse are integral to the mission of Lewis & Clark Law School. We seek to welcome speakers who represent a variety of opinions, with the goal of stimulating discussions and expanding our views on important legal and social issues. Addressing ideas head-on, with reason and evidence, is what we do.

We are an educational institution, and we will use this event as a learning opportunity for our students and our administration.