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Wells Fargo Class Action Settlement Cites Prof Klonoff

June 20, 2018

Lewis & Clark Law Professor Robert Klonoff provided written testimony in a class action lawsuit involving Wells Fargo Bank. The case alleged that Wells Fargo opened up various accounts (checking, savings, credit card, and lines of credit) without securing permission from its customers, causing harm to those customers. Professor Klonoff opined on the fairness of the $142 million classwide settlement in the case.  

The federal district judge in California specifically relied upon Professor Klonoff in upholding the settlement, noting Klonoff’s class action expertise. 

Klonoff’s areas of expertise include class action litigation, civil procedure, and appellate litigation. He is the author of a leading casebook on class actions, published by West, and the author of the West Nutshell on class actions, as well as the author of numerous law review articles. He has taught and lectured throughout the United States and in several foreign countries on class actions and other litigation topics.

His testimony has been relied upon by judges in numerous high profile cases, including the BP Deepwater Horizon case and the Volkswagen Clean Diesel case.

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