August 29, 2019

Lewis & Clark Law School Welcomes the Class of 2022

The class of 2022, 177 strong, participated in orientation ceremonies earlier this month, featuring Oregon Supreme Court Justice Adrienne Nelson and Dean Jennifer Johnson.

Lewis & Clark Law School enthusiastically ushered in the class of 2022 this fall with 177 new students, including 158 full-time students and 19 part-time students. The incoming class represents 113 undergraduate colleges and universities and more than 50 unique majors, including nuclear engineering, music, biblical justice, biochemistry, entrepreneurship, art and design, and baking and pastry arts. 

Over 25 percent of the class self-identify as diverse, including 6 students who identify as at least part Native American. Fifty-seven percent are female. Students hail from 31 states, including Washington D.C. The average age is 26.

Incoming students’ stories are compelling. Eight have served in the military including three who are former naval officers. Twelve hold advanced degrees. Many have lived and worked outside the U.S. and three play in bluegrass bands.

“This year, we continued to receive interest from highly qualified prospective students,” said Mimi Huang, Assistant Dean of Admissions. “It was a hard decision for us, but we are very pleased with the outstanding class of students who joined us this fall.”

The new class gathered at an opening event with Dean Jennifer Johnson and Oregon Supreme Court Justice Adrienne Nelson (honorary graduate), who regaled them with stories from her first days in law school and in law practice.