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Professor Robert Klonoff Writes Book on Federal Multidistrict Litigation

October 24, 2019

Multidistrict litigation (MDL) has grown from a secondary procedure that united nationwide economic claims to being a huge part of the federal court’s civil docket and a primary tool for mass torts litigation. Professor Robert Klonoff has written the first complete treatment of this area of law in his new book Federal Multidistrict Litigation in a Nutshell.

The book covers every aspect and stage of multidistrict litigation, from petitions to the final resolution, and serves as a guide for practitioners, law students, and judges on contemporary issues in federal multidistrict litigation. Professor Klonoff and his book have received glowing reviews from professors and attorneys alike.

Professor Arthur Miller, New York University School of Law professor and one of the leading experts in class action litigation, was among those who reviewed the book. “Written by one of today’s most distinguished scholars and practitioners of complex litigation, Professor Robert Klonoff’s Federal Multidistrict Litigation in a Nutshell is a remarkable work. It is an extremely valuable book for practitioners and students alike. The book covers every aspect of multidistrict litigation, from proceedings before the Multidistrict Panel and the Transferee Judge to fee awards. Since complex cases today dominate federal (and an increasing number of states’) practice, this book’s contents should be useful for all professionals. It is a very handsome reference work.”

Professor Brian Fitzpatrick from Vanderbilt Law School stated, “For many years now, multidistrict litigation has been the most important piece of federal civil practice. Yet, there was no comprehensive treatment of the subject. This nutshell changes everything. Not only is this the first comprehensive treatment, but it is one that speaks to professors, students, and practitioners alike.”

Professor Klonoff has the rare capacity to tease out the precise technical issues presented while moving comfortably across the doctrinal minefields,” stated Professor Samuel Issacharoff of New York University School of Law. “As critical for the practitioner as for the student.”

Richard Clary, Partner and Former Head of Litigation at Cravath, Swaine, & Moore, LLP stated, “Professor Klonoff’s Federal Multidistrict Litigation in a Nutshell is a much-needed addition to the available resources in this fast-growing area of litigation. The Nutshell is a thorough walkthrough of the MDL experience from start to finish. It is extraordinarily comprehensive in scope, including highlighting important areas in which future developments can be anticipated, while at the same time remaining practical and easy to follow. As such, it will be valuable to both practicing lawyers and students alike. As both a practitioner and professor of complex litigation myself, I know that this Nutshell will be a welcome addition to my bookcase.”

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Federal Multidistrict Litigation in a Nutshell is published by West Academic Publishing and will be released later this year.

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