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Faculty, Staff, and Friends: Where Are They Now?

Remember that professor or staff member who was so helpful to you in a moment of need? Or perhaps, someone who pushed you farther than you thought possible? We’ve used the fabulous caricatures by Professor Emeritus Ron Lansing to help your search.

“I was right there in the room with most of the people I drew. The secret of good caricature is capturing the person—the feeling you got being with them, the way they stood, what they did—and having that come through in the drawing. Sometimes it took two or three tries to capture it.”

Lansing stopped drawing caricatures a few years ago. The caricatures featured here depict professors who received a Leo Levenson Award or outstanding teaching. See Lansing’s full set of drawings online at and in person on the first floor of the Legal Resource Center. (Note: Ron’s drawings are not a complete list of faculty and staff.)

At Lewis  &  Clark Law School

Brian Blum, Jeffrey Bain Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law
Michael Blumm, Jeffrey Bain Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law
Jack Bogdanski, Douglas K. Newell Professor of Law
Amy Bushaw, Professor of Law
Henry Drummonds, Professor of Law
George Foster, Professor of Law
Tomás Gómez-Arostegui, Kay Kitagawa and Andy Johnson-Laird
IP Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law
Steve Johansen ’87, Professor of Law and Director of the
Lawyering Program
Jennifer Johnson, Dean and Erskine Wood Sr. Professor of Law
Craig Johnston ’85, Professor of Law
Jeff Jones, Associate Professor of Law and Philosophy
Bob Klonoff, Former Dean and Jordan D. Schnitzer Professor of Law
Lydia Loren, Henry J. Casey Professor of Law
Susan Mandiberg, Lewis & Clark Distinguished Professor of Law
Doug Newell, Edmund O. Belsheim Professor of Law
Samir Parikh, Professor of Law
John Parry, Edward Brunet Professor of Law and
Associate Dean of Faculty
Dan Rohlf, Professor of Law and Of Counsel at Earthrise Law Center
Barbara Safriet, Visiting Professor of Health Law
Janet Steverson, Douglas K. Newell Professor of Teaching Excellence
Juliet Stumpf, Robert E. Jones Professor of Advocacy and Ethics
Chris Wold ’90, Professor of Law and Director of the
International Environmental Law Project
Tung Yin, Professor of Law

Working Elsewhere

Jim Bailey, Partner at Bailey & Yarmo LLP
Jim Bross, Professor of Law Emeritus at Georgia State University College of Law
Walt Brown, Volunteer, General Counsel of the Oregon
Consumer League, Attorney for the Consumer Justice Alliance
Lee Gadinas, Consultant at the Office of Lee J. Gadinas
Jim Gardner, President of Gardner Associates, Visiting Scholar at the University of Oregon
Jaquelyn Jurkins, Librarian at Multnomah Law Library
John Kroger, Chief Learning Officer, U.S. Navy
Janet Neuman, Former Professor of Law and Former Director of the
Natural Resources Law Institute, Senior Counsel at Tonkon Torp LLP
Geoff Manne, President and Founder of International Center for Law and Economics
Robert Miller, Professor of Law at Arizona State University
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law
Dave Patterson, Deputy Attorney General, New Jersey
Ross Runkel, Arbitrator, Editor at
Mark Sidel, Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law and Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin at Madison
Dick Slottee, Director of the Legal Clinic at Portland State University
Gordon Smith, Dean at Brigham Young Law School
Lawrence Sung, Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, Partner at Wiley Rein LLP
Michelle Travis, Professor of Law at the University of San Francisco School of Law
Larry Zelenak, Pamela B. Gann Professor of Law at Duke Law School


Paula Abrams, Professor of Law Emerita
Doug Beloof ’82, Professor of Law Emeritus
Larry Brown, Professor of Law
Jim Dente, Professor of Law Emeritus
Jay Folberg, Professor of Law
Bill Funk, Professor of Law Emeritus
John Grant, Professor of Law Emeritus
Jim Huffman, Dean and Professor of Law Emeritus
Steve Kanter, Dean and Professor of Law Emeritus
Arthur LaFrance, Dean and Professor of Law
Ron Lansing, Professor of Law Emeritus
Don Large, Professor of Law Emeritus
Bill Snouffer, Professor of Law and Director of the Legal Clinic
Martha Spence ’84, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Emerita
Anne Squier ’83, Professor of Law
Elaine Sutherland, Professor of Law Emerita
Bernie Vail, Professor of Law

In Memoriam

Ed Belsheim 1921, Professor of Law
Hal Bloomenthal, Professor of Law
Paul Boley, Trustee
Ed Brunet, Henry J. Casey Professor of Law Emeritus
Jack Cairns ’54, Interim Dean, Professor of Law, and Trustee
Dorothy Cornelius, Dean of Admissions and Registrar
Fred Fagg, Dean and Professor of Law
Vesta Harrison, Registrar
Jack Howard, President
Virginia Hughes, Law Librarian and Bookstore Operator
Ann Kendrick, Assistant Dean and Ombudswoman
Bill Knudsen, Professor of Law Emeritus
Pat Kraske, Assistant to the Dean
Doris McCroskey, Administrative Assistant
Bob Myers, Professor of Law
Peter Nycum, Professor of Law Emeritus,
Associate Dean, Boley Law Library
Diane Spies, Assistant Professor of Law Emeritus
William Swindells, Trustee
Bill Williamson, Professor of Law Emeritus
Hal Wren, Dean

Where Are They Now?

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    January 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of Lewis  &  Clark Law School’s Public Interest Law Project (PILP), a student-run organization that rewards and promotes the service of developing public interest attorneys.
  • The Lasting Legacy of Scholarships

    Paul Casey, a longtime supporter of Lewis &  Clark Law School, has made it possible for dozens of students to attend law school.

  • The Winding Vines of Post-Grad Life
    While a majority of Lewis & Clark Law School graduates become practicing attorneys, some notable alumni have used the rigorous skills they gained in law school to branch off in other directions. These six alumni remind us that the Lewis & Clark community includes people of many different callings.
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