November 19, 2020

Small Business Legal Resources for Pandemic Related Issues

Guide to Oregon COVID-19 Regulations for Businesses


See Oregon OSHA Updates effective August 13, 2021, including the reinstatement of masking requirements.

November 16th Video - New OSHA COVID 19 Regulations for All Employers
November 16th Slides - New OSHA COVID 19 Regulations for All Employers
Nuevas Regulaciones de OSHA para Empleadoras

Contract Information Related to COVID-19 Disruptions

Lease Renegotiation Tips

Commercial Lease FAQ (1/8/21)

Webinar (8/12/20): Renegotiating Your Business Lease - Part 2
Espanol Version

Webinar and Slides (4/3/20): Renegotiating Your Business Lease: Information and Tips for Challenging Times.

Other Contract Disputes Related to COVID-19 Disruptions:

FAQ: What should I do if my contract is impacted by COVID-19 closures and restrictions?

Disclaimers for COVID-19 Related Products:

FAQ on Product Disclaimers

Attorney One-on-One Meeting (income-based resource):

Lower-income clients can meet with an attorney to discuss your specific issues :