Endowed Scholar Announced for Animal Law and Policy

April 27, 2020
  • Professor Pamela Frasch, associate dean and founder of the Center for Animal
    Law Studies
    Nina Johnson

Professor Pamela Frasch, associate dean and founder of the Center for Animal Law Studies, has been named the Brooks McCormick Jr. Scholar of Animal Law and Policy.

Brooks McCormick Jr. shared his life with many companion animals and his deep bond with them fueled his belief in their emotional cognizance and intellectual capacity. The Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law and Policy was founded in 2017 to apply collaborative methods and models to study legal, social, economic, environmental, and ethological animal issues that inform and advance enlightened and effective animal law and policy.

Frasch has extensive experience in the field of animal law and is well known for her scholarship. She is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on issues of animal law and is the principal author of Oregon’s first felony anti-cruelty law. Frasch also coauthored the first American legal casebook in the field, Animal Law: Cases and Materials, which is now in its sixth edition and is used by over 160 U.S. law schools.

Additionally, the faculty of Lewis & Clark Law School welcomed Frasch as a full professor of law in February. “I’m delighted that the faculty voted to promote Pamela Frasch to Professor of Law,” said John Parry, associate dean of faculty. “She has helped create the field of Animal Law as an area of study in law schools, her scholarship has an international reach and impact, and she has taught and mentored large numbers of students who carry her legacy forward in their own careers.”