National News Outlets Cite Our Faculty

Professor David Schraub on definitions of antisemitism The term antisemitism became a battlefield with the drafting of a third international definition in March 2021. Schraub is one of the developers of the Nexus definition.

Professor Lisa Benjamin on infrastructure and climate Ali Velshi interviewed Benjamin and other panelists on the social importance of infrastructure and the intersection of climate and infrastructure.

Professor Erica Lyman ’05 on whistleblower complaint regarding oil exploration in Okavango wilderness Lyman comments on the conflicting claims by an oil exploration company in the Okavango wilderness.

Professor Tung Yin on new antiterrorism legislation Yin is quoted in a New York Times opinion piece on the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act.

Professor Dan Rohlf on wolf protections Rohlf’s interdisciplinary paper coauthored with Carlos Carroll, Bridgett VonHoldt, Adrian Treves, and Sarah Hendricks was cited in a New York Times article describing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to remove federal protections for gray wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

Professor Aliza Kaplan on retroactive application of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on nonunanimous juries Nonunanimous juries were declared unconstitutional, but the high court’s ruling left a fundamental question about whether the practice was used unconstitutionally in cases that predated he ruling. Kaplan discusses its impact in Oregon.

Professor Aliza Kaplan on nonunanimous juries Kaplan was interviewed by a special NewsHour correspondent who looked at the roots of split-jury verdicts and what faces those convicted by them. This segment is part of the NewsHour series “Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America.”

Professor Jim Oleske on the U.S. Supreme Court’s definition of religious liberty Slate interviewed Oleske about the high-court decision that radically redefined religious liberty.

Professor Samir Parikh on Johnson & Johnson litigation Parikh was interviewed about Johnson & Johnson’s response to lawsuits claiming the company’s talcum-based products caused cancer, and how a possible bankruptcy filing could influence settlements.

Supporting Outstanding Faculty

Fall-2021, Supporting Outstanding Faculty
Professor Meg Garvin

Professor Meg Garvin Honored for Victim Advocacy

Clinical Professor and Crime Victim Litigation Clinic (CVLC) Director Meg Garvin was presented with the 2021 Hardy Myers Victim Advocacy Award by the Oregon Crime Victims Law Center.
Fall-2021, Supporting Outstanding Faculty
Professor Jeffrey Jones

Professor Jeffrey Jones Posthumously Recognized with Leo Levenson Award

The 2021 Leo Levenson Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to the late Associate Professor of Law and Philosophy Jeffrey D. Jones.
Fall-2021, Supporting Outstanding Faculty
Professor Aliza Kaplan

Professor Aliza Kaplan Receives OSB’s Highest Honor

The Oregon State Bar (OSB) granted Professor Aliza Kaplan its highest honor, the Award of Merit, in fall 2021.
Fall-2021, Supporting Outstanding Faculty
Professor Lydia Loren

Professor Lydia Loren Helps Make Bar Review More Affordable

Lydia Loren, Henry J. Casey Professor of Law, is using her expertise to make bar review more affordable for law students.
Fall-2021, Supporting Outstanding Faculty
Douglas K. Newell Faculty Scholar Professor Jack Bogdanski

Federal Courts Cite Professor Bogdanski’s Treatise

Douglas K. Newell Faculty Scholar Professor Jack Bogdanski and his treatise, Federal Tax Valuation, were cited and quoted by the U.S. Tax Court on November 19, 2020, in the court’s opinion in Fakiris v. Commissioner.
Fall-2021, Supporting Outstanding Faculty
Assistant Professor David Schraub

Constitutional Law Professor Joins Faculty

Assistant Professor David Schraub brings fresh perspectives on constitutional, antidiscrimination, and energy law, as well as the intersection of law and religion, political theory, philosophy, and Jewish studies to Lewis & Clark in fall 2021.