October 04, 2022

Scholarship for Animal Law Certificate Students

A new scholarship for law students obtaining a Certificate in Animal Law has been created as part of the Law Scholars for Change Program.

A new animal law scholarship, part of the Law Scholars for Change Program, will provide tuition support for law students who are seeking a Certificate in Animal Law. During the 2022-23 academic year, the first scholarship will be offered to a 2L student; subsequent scholarships will be awarded annually to a 2L and a 3L student. 

Founded by Charles Anderson and Pamela Gross, the Law Scholars for Change Program is committed to cultivating the education, practical experience, scholarship, and life work of a select group of promising law school students, post grads, and professionals as they advocate for and advance animal rights and protections. By supporting a high level of education and nurturing a community, the Law Scholars for Change Program’s ultimate goal is to advance the rights and protections of animals.

Assistant Dean and Executive Director of CALS, Pamela Hart, says “Pamela and Charles are true champions for animals, because they understand the long-term benefit of investing in animal law education and training more animal advocates. We are tremendously grateful for all they have done for CALS and our students, and are thrilled about this latest contribution to our mission.”

The scholarships will be provided to individuals who have demonstrated the passion and commitment to promote the well-being or protection of animals through the law. The scholarships are also intended to support those who strive to advance the legal status of animals through innovations in awareness and advocacy, policy and regulation, and the use of new and existing laws to create positive change. ​​Preference will be given to students seeking to specialize in industrial animal agriculture law. Students may visit this link to apply. Applications are due by Monday, October 24th. 

The scholarships are the latest opportunity provided by Law Scholars for Change. As previously announced, the Law Scholars for Change:

  • Provides an annual grant of $1,000 to the Lewis & Clark Animal Legal Defense Fund Student Chapter to support its work focused on industrial animal agriculture;
  • Provides a grant for an annual legal clerkship for a student working with CALS faculty and/or staff on farmed animal protection projects; and
  • Has previously provided for other scholarship opportunities at CALS.