New Degrees

Three new degrees were announced in 2021–22, offering unprecedented online and in-person access to world-class animal and environmental law programs.

Environmental Law

Online Master of Studies (MSL) Degree in Environmental Law, for Nonlawyers

Designed for nonlawyers with a bachelor’s degree who want a better understanding of environmental law, the master of studies in environmental, natural resources, and energy law (MSL) is now offered in an online format. Students frequently include federal agency employees, teachers, journalists, and those pursuing careers in lobbying or nonprofit organizations, as well as businesspeople.

Animal Law

Online Animal Law LLM Degree, First in the World

The animal law LLM degree online offers access to many of the same courses taught in residence by faculty, as well as by other prominent scholars and practitioners. Designed to be completed in as few as four semesters, the curriculum features:

  • Animals in the Law
  • Industrial Animal Agriculture Law
  • Introduction to U.S. Legal Studies (for international candidates)
  • Emerging Topics in Animal Law
  • Companion Animal Law
  • Crimes Against Animals
  • International Animal Law
  • Aquatic Animal Law
  • The Law & Ethics of Animal Testing
  • Wildlife Law

Master of Studies in Animal Law Degree, First in the Nation

The master of studies (MSL) in animal law degree for nonlawyers is the first of its kind in the U.S. Designed for both U.S. and international students with a bachelor’s degree, the animal law MSL is offered both in person on the campus and via a fully asynchronous online format.