National News Outlets Cite Our Faculty

Courts Join Push to Defang Federal Business Regulation

A Reuters story quotes Emeritus Professor of Law Bill Funk regarding courts’ actions to curtail agencies’ regulatory and enforcement powers.

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The future of American Conservation Lies in Restoration, Not Just Protection

Popular Science quotes Professor Dan Rolph reviewing two new federal funds and whether they could share billions of dollars with local wildlife agencies to help save biodiversity.

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Why Bridgerton Fans Turned Against the Bridgerton Musical

Slate quotes Henry J. Casey Professor of Law Lydia Loren on copyright law and its protection for creative intellectual property. “Copyright monetizes and propertizes our shared cultural experiences.”

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BBC World Service Radio interviewed Professor Lisa Benjamin on greenwashing and advertising.

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Difficulties Securing Public Spaces Known as “Soft Targets” From Active Shooters

CBS News spoke with Professor Tung Yin about recent mass shootings in the U.S. that have occurred in so-called “soft targets,” public spaces with little security in place to stop an active shooter.

Logging Project in Yosemite National Park Halted After Environmental Lawsuit

The LA Times quotes Professor Thomas Buchele: “halting this project will ’provide the greatest protections to communities from fires’ and prevent logging in areas that would cause ’irreparable harm’ to Yosemite’s forests.”

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