Bubba Cook ’03

Western and Central Pacific Tuna Programme Manager, World Wide Fund for Nature

Our oceans face unprecedented challenges from threats including overfishing, pollution, and climate change. The Pacific Ocean communities where I work are acutely feeling the impacts of these threats as residents witness their homes sinking beneath rising seas and historically productive fishing grounds disappear. However, I believe we can overcome these challenges with the appropriate commitment and resolve. I have a vision of humanity recognizing these threats and rising to the occasion the same way we have throughout history, whether defeating fascism in World War II or putting a man on the moon. Consequently, I advocate for precautionary conservation and management of Pacific fisheries as a way to ensure a future with a healthy and vibrant ocean teeming with life. My hope is that we realize our role in finding solutions and recognise that we can no longer consider ourselves apart from nature, but that we are a part of nature.

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