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Leigh Gill ’12

  • Leigh Gill ’12
Managing Attorney, Immix Law Group

I went to law school and into practice to help others use their creativity to change the world. Innovative and dynamic people start companies because they have a vision of something they can’t find elsewhere. Cofounders and employees join the company because they believe in the founder’s vision, and ultimately “business” to me is just a means of organizing people to tackle problems that are too big for one person on their own. Legal knowledge is a tool, and my vision is that I and my toolbox can solve business problems and hopefully allow powerful ideas to succeed.

“Achievement” and “accomplishment” are not synonyms. When a task is accomplished, it’s complete. When a task is achieved, it opens new possibilities. Every day I work to achieve a collaborative environment in which mutual success is possible. This includes business in harmony with nature and owners who care for employees.