Diego Plaza LLM ’20

Founder and Director, Center for Chilean Animal Law Studies Centro de Estudios de Derecho Animal (CEDA Chile)

What propels my work is the dialectic tension between two elements: the understanding of the existence of absolute equality in dignity, value, and consideration among all sentient beings, and the anachronistic cultural view that redefines these individuals and treats them as commodities for the satisfaction of human needs. My efforts are directed at contributing to the dogmatic development of animal law in Chile; to position new ideas within the animal discourse; and to help create awareness about essential animal issues that are being ignored. I put my work at the service of those who need it, either by assisting in legislative discussions, collaborating with NGOs, or resolving particular consultations. I expect to keep carrying out legal research and develop strategic litigation soon. In this way, I hope to contribute to the production of a major cultural change that will allow us to generate equitable conditions in our relations with nonhuman animals.

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