Tony Gerrans LLM ’19

Executive Director, Humane Society, Africa

Our modern capitalist and predominantly urban societies increasingly commodify all aspects of the natural world. In doing so, we continue to find new and more harmful ways to exploit nonhuman animals. Sentient and emotionally complex animals are caged for their entire miserable lives to satisfy unsustainable diets, others are shot in national parks as sport, some live and die in laboratories to test cosmetic products, and others are bred in backyards for fighting or just for profit. It doesn’t have to be this way. Along with my colleagues from Humane Society International, we are working to highlight and end these and other harms. We advocate for a reassertion of our basic values of empathy, compassion, humility, and dignity in our interactions with all nonhuman beings, and campaign for a collective transition to a society not premised on the suffering of billions of animals.

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