Alice DiConcetto LLM ’16

Farm Animals Program Officer and Lecturer in Farm Animal Law, Eurogroup for Animals and Sorbonne Law School

The vision that propels me in my work is a future society in which animals are not used as tools or raw materials, especially in industrial settings. Animals are living, sentient beings, and yet tens of billions of them are instrumentalized on a routine basis to serve humans’ interests in all possible industrial sectors. A massive quantity of animals are treated as manufactured, consumption goods not only in food production, but also in entertainment, scientific research, or as disposable natural resources in the cases of wildlife animals. In advocating for the end of industrial animal usage, I strive to make the animal protection movement in Europe ever more effective. One way I believe this can be done is through raising awareness of the central role of law as a tool to achieve reform, and more broadly, legal thinking as a method to attain more systemic change for the animals.

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