Shemia Fagan ’09

Senator, Oregon State Legislature, District 24 (Portland)
Newly Elected Oregon Secretary of State

I grew up poor in rural Oregon, raised by a single father with my two brothers. My mom struggled with addiction throughout my life. Public schools and hard work gave me the opportunity to succeed. As an Oregon lawmaker, and a mom to two young kids, I’ve never forgotten those tough times or the values that drove me to public service. I know what it’s like to be hanging on by a thread. I believe that progress starts with access to the ballot and I fight to make sure that progress is within reach for all Oregonians. As a lawmaker, I created the Office of Small Business Assistance in the Secretary of State’s office. In the Oregon House and Senate, I helped make it easier to vote from home with prepaid postage and automatic voter registration, and passed legislation to protect Oregonians from losing their homes during the pandemic. I strive to make sure every Oregonian knows that their voice, their actions, and their ballot can make a difference. Because when democracy works, progress is always within reach.

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