Coronavirus Information and Update: Spring 2021 Plans

Madeline Lefton ’14

Senior Advisor, Office of Nuclear Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

With almost 60 percent of our nation’s carbon-free power coming from nuclear, we know that nuclear power is a critical resource. But if our nation is ever going to achieve majority carbon-neutral power generation, nuclear energy must continue to be a significant part of our generation mix. Existing nuclear power plants are the safest power source the U.S. has ever enjoyed—there has never been loss of life from civil nuclear in the U.S. As our plants approach 40 years of producing carbon-free power, regulators anticipate plants will be able to safely continue operating for another 20–40 years. Even more exciting, small-modular and micro nuclear technology is being developed rapidly. This technology will enable communities and industries of many sizes to run on nuclear power. It’s thrilling to work in an industry that will realize safe, cost-effective, carbon-free power for so many Americans.