Career Series Events

Throughout the year, we will pair with student groups to sponsor panels of practitioners from the legal community who discuss their work and how students can prepare for specific careers. To learn more, click here.

Practice Interviews

Students have the chance to have a practice interview with a specific interview scenario (one-on-one, panel, or other interview formats) or just to work on general interview skills. Students experience what a real interview is like and get instant feedback on how to improve their interview skills.

Breakfast with Judges and Judicial Clerks

In the fall, students share breakfast with state and federal judges and their clerks, learning about the courts and judicial clerkships.

Professional Development Workshops

We present students with information on the building blocks of being a competitive job candidate and an engaged law student. Opportunities for professional development occur through guided assessment programs and presentations on topics from application materials to interviewing. We provide annual networking opportunities with the legal community through events and receptions such as the annual “Bar Prowl: Student Engagement with Bar Associations” event.

L&C Alumni Network

We connect students to alumni across the United States and across practice areas. Whether changing cities or practices, the alumni network can connect students to others who have already made the journey.