Reciprocity allows students and graduates access the Career Services Office of other law schools.

Lewis & Clark Students and Graduates
Access to Other Law Schools.

The Career Services office has reciprocal agreements with the Career Services Offices at many other ABA-accredited law schools around the country. To access another school’s Career Services Office, our office must contact the other school on your behalf. Reciprocity policies vary from school to school, so it is important to check in with the Career Services Office at least two weeks prior to your visiting, so you are clear about the particular school’s policy, and so we can write you the necessary letter of introduction. Most schools do not allow reciprocity from August 1 through November 30.

Lewis & Clark Students have automatic reciprocity with the schools in the NW Consortium (Arizona State, Brigham Young University, Gonzaga, Seattle University, University of Idaho, University of Oregon, University of Utah, University of Washington, and Willamette). Contact the Career Services office to arrange access.

Non-Lewis & Clark Students and Graduates
Access to our Postings and Reciprocity Policy.

Students and graduates of NW Consortium Schools (see list above) receive free access to our job postings. Contact the Career Services Office at your school to request access.

Students and graduates from all other law schools may be granted three months of reciprocity access to Lewis & Clark Law School’s online job bank at no cost. After that three months, reciprocity recipients will be given the option to renew their online access for either a three month subscription for $15, or a six month subscription for $30. Once online access has ended, either from non-renewal or completion of the renewed time, a new reciprocity request for the recipient will not be considered until the next academic year.

How to request the use of our office and what services are available.

  • Our facilities are available to all students and graduates from other ABA accredited law schools that permit our students and graduates the same opportunity. There is no limit on the number of referrals our office will take from a single school, except that in the case of schools that permit reciprocity only on a one-to-one basis, we will limit the number of referrals in the same manner.
  • All students and alumni should contact their own schools’ Career Services Office to request reciprocity with Lewis & Clark’s Career Services office. Career Services Offices may forward requests to Requests must include the name, e-mail address, and year of student or year of graduation. Absolutely no walk-in requests will be accepted

  • Our services and facilities are not available to students and graduates from other law schools from August 1 through November 30.
  • When our facilities are available, we provide only in-office review of resource and reference materials in the Career Services Resource Library (not available for check-out) and access to our online job postings.
  • When responding to notices found in the Career Services office, applicants are required to state in their cover letters to employers that they obtained the listing through a reciprocal agreement between applicant’s school and Lewis & Clark Law School.

  • The following services are not available to reciprocity recipients: Career counseling, resume review, resume collection, resource material check-out, and use of office equipment. On-campus interviews are not available to students and graduates from other law schools. 

Career Services reserves the right to deny reciprocity to individuals who misuse job posting information, misuse our facilities, or do not comply with any Lewis & Clark College policy. Please direct requests for reciprocity to:

Career Services
Lewis & Clark Law School
10015 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
Portland, OR 97219

Phone: (503) 768-6608
Fax: (503) 768-6729