Study Abroad

Lewis & Clark Law School has partnerships with the summer study abroad program at the University of San Diego, Santa Clara Law School, and with the China Program at the University of Missouri Kansas City.  You may participate in either of these programs or any summer programs offered at other ABA accredited law schools.  The ABA allows transfer of up to 12 study abroad credits towards a JD at a US law school.  Many students, particularly first year students, participate in study abroad programs each year.

Why should I consider a study abroad program?

Study abroad programs can provide an excellent opportunity to:

  • Spend time in a foreign country you might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit.
  • Learn about a foreign legal system.
  • Intensively study a particular field of law while immersing yourself in a foreign culture.
  • Meet and study with students from other law schools.
  • Enhance your future career by taking a class not otherwise available through your law school.

Not all study abroad programs are alike.  It’s important to decide if study abroad is right for you and, if so, what program is right for you.

What program should I choose?

Once you get past the fancy webpages with pictures of exotic locales, think about where you want to study and why.  How does a particular study abroad program fit your long term career goals?  Does the course of study compliment your career plans?  Do you want to visit a particular country or place because it is relevant to your long term goals?  How will you “sell” this experience to a future employer?

What are some other things I should think about before deciding to study abroad?

Do you speak the language of the country?

How fluent are you in the language of the country you want to visit?  Is fluency necessary for this particular program?  How easily will you be able to interact or function when not in class?

How much time can you afford to spend abroad?

Study abroad programs vary in length.  Will you have time for extra travel, before or after your course of study ends?

How much will the program cost?

Are transportation, housing and food costs included in the cost of the program or will you need to budget those items separately?  What incidental costs will you need to factor in?  Will you purchase travel insurance.   If a program is ABA accredited, Financial Aid may be available - check with Student Financial Services.

Is the program ABA accredited?  Will the credits transfer and count toward your degree?

Be sure to check with the Law School Registrar’s Office once you have decided on a program, to make sure the credits from this particular program will transfer.

How can I find out which law schools offer study abroad programs?

Many summer programs advertise with brochures and posters that you might find around the law school, and many schools advertise their abroad programs via their web sites.  The American Bar Association Section on Legal Education has a list of ABA accredited summer foreign study programs, listing sponsoring school and geographic location of program.

Does Lewis & Clark Law School offer any semester exchange programs?

The Law School does hold Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) that support the exchange of enrolled law students with several premier institutions around the world. Exchanges can be one semester or one year in length.  For information on these programs, visit the Global Law Overseas Student Information webpage.